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Happy Drum 8-Tone Set

$74.99 $89.99
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Easy to learn & beginner friendly
We plant 1 tree for every order
Improves mindfulness
Produces Wonderful sounds

Meet the Soothing Sounds of the Steel Tongue Drum

If you love or use music in your daily routine to relax or zen out, you will love our Happy Steel Tongue Drum.

Even if you have no knowledge how to play a musical instrument, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to play a relaxing and calming melody with our new Happy Steel Tongue Drum.

This drum is only 6" inches wide and is portable enough to bring it anywhere! Whether you are indoors or at your favourite outdoor spots. 

The tongue drum is a percussive instrument that belongs to the idiophonic family. That means the instrument creates sounds purely through its own skeleton. You don't need anything beside drum sticks or your hands to play the instrument the way it should be played!

Whats included?

Happy Drum Happy Kalimba

The soothing sounds of a tongue drum, check it out!

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