Happy Kalimba™ 17 Key Radio Wood Kalimba - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Happy Kalimba™ 17 Key Radio Wood Kalimba - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Happy Kalimba™ 17 Key Radio Wood Kalimba - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

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Easy to learn & beginner friendly
Amazing gift for anyone
Improves mindfulness
Wonderful sounds

Let's Relax With Happy Kalimba™

Take your Kalimba anywhere, and start enjoying the sounds no matter where you are!

  Wonderful Sound: All the Kalimba keys produce a crisp and sweet sound, making you very relaxed.

 Easy to Learn: All of the keys come with engraved notes, making it very easy to memorize and learn songs!

Our Kalimba’s are ideal for someone who is looking to try something new. You’ll be blown away by the beautiful sounds it makes! You’ll quickly become addicted to the soothing sounds. When you hit that first note, you’ll immediately feel its vibrations in your hands.

Your new instrument will cheer up any situation whether you are at home or just anywhere! It’s so easy to carry around, that you’ll never want to leave the house without taking it with you!

This instrument is AMAZING. Never thought I'd be so hooked, its so simple yet it produces such a relaxing sound! Love it, thanks!

Introduce Yourself to Music

No musical ability necessary to produce mesmerizing sounds immediately. This little instrument just calls to be played.

Beginners will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to play - within minutes, you can learn to play a tune. 

A Great Hobby and Relaxing Distraction

It's the perfect size to carry around with you. Take your Kalimba, Thumb Piano, anywhere with you. For that summer vacation, that camping or road trip, a perfect travel companion!

Beginner-Friendly Starter-Kit

What’s in your starter kit?
Tuning hammer
Set of stickers
Thumb protectors
Protection sleeve
Instruction book


  1. What do I do with the colored stickers?

The stickers can be used to help identify the keys of a song! So you exactly know which chords to use. This will help in learning where each key is while learning to play the instrument.

  1. In what Key is the tuning?

Pre-tuned in C. Read more about tuning here.

Buy One. Plant One.

Together with Ecologi, we plant ONE TREE for EVERY ORDER! Happy Kalimba gives back to nature.

30,000+ Kalimba's sold in 100+ countries.

Join thousands of Happy Kalimba players!